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Extreme elevational migration spurred cryptic speciation in giant hummingbirds

Biodiversity varies from place to place because the range of climates suitable for any one species tends to be limited. The giant hummingbird appears to defy this tendency, occurring across the broadest range of environments of any hummingbird. We asked whether its migration, physiology, or genetics explain its climate generalism, potentially illuminating mechanisms of niche breadth evolution. Microtracking devices revealed an epic migration from the Chilean coast to the Peruvian Andes, with an extreme, >4,100-m elevational shift and corresponding performance trade-offs. Genomes revealed that migrant and resident populations diverged in the Pliocene and have since evolved under phenotypic stasis. A migratory shift enabled climatic niche expansion, leading to speciation and niche subdivision, consistent with diversification by niche breadth oscillation.

May 21, 2024

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Outbreak Atlas Now Available

Professor Rebecca Katz recently released a new book entitled, Outbreak Atlas! Co-authored with another GU global health researcher, this book aims to translate the complex field of outbreak response in order to include “citizen scientists.” You can find the book here!

April 29, 2024

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Drivers of geophagy by red brocket deer (Mazama americana) at Amazonian interior forest mineral licks

ECo Faculty Brian Griffiths’ study unveils the critical role of mineral supplementation for the red brocket deer, shedding light on Amazonian wildlife ecology.

April 8, 2024