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Georgetown’s Earth Commons Institute is a hub for environmental and sustainability innovation, research and education to accelerate action on the most pressing issues of our earth. Assembling a team of interdisciplinary experts, researchers, leaders and students, the Earth Commons is transforming the university into a living laboratory to develop scalable solutions for a greener, more sustainable world.

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The report covers our first fiscal year of growth, change, and vision for a greener and more sustainable Georgetown—and planet

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The Earth Commons is shaping the future of our planet by building, supporting, and infusing environmental and sustainability research, education and action throughout the Georgetown University community and beyond.


The Earth Commons will catalyze solutions to the world’s most urgent environmental and sustainability challenges as an internationally-recognized institute for innovative education, groundbreaking research and transformative action—on Georgetown’s campus, in our community and around the globe.


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Our outlook will be scaled from our campus, to the local Washington, D.C. community, to the national and international levels. We will not be merely on the Hilltop, in the community and around the globe. We are committed to delivering our insights into the corridors of power to help inform policies and laws.

Strategic Plan

Unique Partnership with Sustainability

We work with the University’s Office of Sustainability to bridge the university’s ambitious sustainability policy and practice with the institute’s education and research capacity to develop urgently-needed, scalable solutions for the campus, community and planet.

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Who We Are

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and from countries around the world, and each of us is committed to weaving the green into Georgetown’s signature blue and gray.

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