We educate, empower and network diverse leaders across disciplines to lead environmental reform and impact environmental sustainability measures for the common good. Our institute will go beyond the classroom to create hands-on learning experiences at all levels through academics, internships and externships, and affiliations with organizations in Washington, D.C.

Education Goals

Explore our strategic plan to create cutting-edge, interdisciplinary learning experiences

Graduate Academics

All environmental and sustainability graduate degrees, fellowships & more at Georgetown

Undergraduate Academics

A comprehensive undergraduate major & minor list focusing on environment & sustainability

Joint Degrees

The Earth Commons aims to offer interdisciplinary courses, degrees and leadership experiences that empower people to be good stewards of our common home. We are proud to offer our joint first degree with McDonough School of Business and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

M.S. in Environment and Sustainability Management

The Earth Commons along with the McDonough School of Business and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is now offering a joint degree that blends scientific knowledge with business principles.

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