We are transforming Georgetown’s campus into a living laboratory where we develop urgently-needed, scalable solutions to green the campus and broader community—and shape the future of our planet.

Action Goals

Our goal is to create interdisciplinary opportunities for faculty, students, and external partners to pursue solutions in service of the world. Learn more about our objectives around action for the environment in our strategic plan, from establishing the Hoya Community farm, to implementing cutting-edge sustainability solutions on campus.

Strategic Plan

Hoya Harvest Garden

The Earth Commons is creating a sense of shared responsibility around sustainable food systems by integrating farming spaces into the campus, generating food for the community, hands-on learning experiences, and dialogue around human impacts and food production.

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Road to Recovery

In recognition of population declines in over 50% of North American bird species and a net loss of 3 billion individuals, we are convening scientists, wildlife managers, and conservation practitioners to develop an approach for identifying the specific causes of declines across the species of highest concern and the key conservation science knowledge necessary for recovering bird populations.

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