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The Earth Commons bridges the arts and sciences, humanities and research to bring compelling interdisciplinary work to the community. Our events and art series are intended to spark interdisciplinary exchange and lead to fresh perspectives, new dialogues, and solutions that serve the planet.

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We Hear You—A Climate Archive

We Hear You—A Climate Archive, co-created by Earth Commons Artist-in-Residence Caitlin Nasema Cassidy is infused throughout the New York Times Climate Forward events at COP27. Join the call for 77 featured storytellers and attend events at the link below.

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Environmental Graphiti

“Environmental Graphiti—The Art of Climate Change” by artist Alisa Singer uses abstract images to illustrate the science behind the critical changes impacting our planet. The Earth Commons has installed a selection of these digital paintings throughout the campus. Each piece is derived from a chart, graph, map, word, or number relating to key facts or data about climate change. The art is designed to function as a gateway to the science, focusing interest and awareness on the various factors that have contributed to our warming planet over the last two hundred years.

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Common Home Arts Showcase

The Earth Commons and its signature Common Home magazine welcomed all within the Georgetown community to submit to its Common Home Arts Showcase. The theme, in conjunction with the institute’s 2022 collaborative “Voices on the Environment” series, is “Intergenerational Justice”.

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