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Department of Biology, Georgetown College. The major in Environmental Biology offers a rigorous program of study in science related to the environment. This major is designed to provide students with a foundation in population, whole organism, evolutionary biology and environmental science as well as in chemistry and mathematics.

School of Foreign Service. The STIA major applies cutting-edge science to the world’s most pressing political, social and ethical issues. Using interdisciplinary methods, students will explore the technological and scientific issues at the heart of today’s international affairs.

The Department of Biology offers research experience towards the Ph.D. degree in Biology. Students training in our department will gain exposure to diverse areas of biology while focusing in depth on their own research problem. In addition to the required core courses, students have the option to pursue a program of study within the major leading to a concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology.

Columbia Combined Program. The Earth and Environmental Engineering curriculum provides students the skills to analyze environmental processes, design systems, and solve engineering problems in preparation for future enterprises. The 3-2 Program enables a student to devote three years to the study of liberal arts and sciences at one of these colleges before transferring to Columbia for two years of engineering studies.

Minors & Pathways

Georgetown College. The program emphasizes science, policy, and the humanities in equal parts to help cultivate critical and constructive perspectives on emergent environmental issues.

Georgetown College. The Core Pathway allows you to fulfill core and elective requirements through an interdisciplinary collection of courses that address a complex global challenge. The focus of the first pathway is climate change. 


Earth Commons and the CALL

The Earth Commons and the Capitol Applied Learning Labs (CALL) have teamed up to develop a slate of undergraduate courses. UPDATE: Spring 2023 CALL application window is now closed.

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The Earth Commons is collaborating with the Office of Global Education to develop new undergraduate courses as part of a growing series of faculty-led study abroad programs that focus on human and environment interactions on a global scale.

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