ECo + the CALL

The Earth Commons and the Capitol Applied Learning Labs (CALL) have teamed up to develop a slate of undergraduate courses to kickstart your career in environment & sustainability—or to simply explore your passion for positive environmental impact. With downtown D.C. as your classroom, you’ll learn about the local and global ecosystem, gain new perspectives on environmental changemaking, and network with D.C.-connected environmental organizations.

Environment & Sustainability Courses—Spring 2023

Professional Experiential Seminars

Wednesday 1:00pm-3:00pm or Friday 10:00am-12:00pm
The CALL Internship Seminars offers students the chance to integrate their professional experiences with their personal, academic, and career goals. UNXD 250 is a required course for all CALL students.

Thursday 6:30-9:00pm
The CALL Internship Seminars offers students the chance to integrate their professional experiences with their personal, academic, and career goals. This section would place students in an internship focused around disability and activism. UNXD 250 is a required course for all CALL students. 

Curated Coursework

Wednesday 6:30pm-9:00pm. This course is designed as a lecture-discussion to explore topics related to agriculture and sustainability that influence global food security. This course is interdisciplinary in nature touching on environmental science, the economy, innovation and technology, policy, and justice. Defines and applies basic principles of sustainability to address urgent agricultural, environmental, and societal challenges. Students will participate in interactive discussions, investigate current global challenges, and engage in critical thinking to derive solutions to these challenges.

  • UNXD 269-90 is 2 credit Mod A course, meets select F1-3:30pm, select Sat 1-4 (Jan 20-Feb 18)
  • UNXD 269-91 is1 credit Mod B course, meets select F1-3:30pm, select Sat 1-4 (March 31-April 22)

Course Description: How do we tell stories of climate crisis? Since long before the advent of the written word, humans have told stories, transmitting the earthly wisdom—and warnings—of our ancestors from generation to generation. But what artistic forms can hold the dizzying complexities of the climate emergency? What tales can capture the interlocked crises of extraction and extermination? What legends invite us to imagine radical futures? With a special emphasis on contemporary performance, this course offers a survey of methodologies for climate storytelling rooted in creative nonfiction, literature, and cultural criticism. While forging connections with DC-based arts and environmental workers, students will craft and present an original climate story as the culmination of a two-credit Module A. Students will also have an opportunity to publicly perform their story as part of the Kennedy Center’s upcoming RiverRun Festival for an optional third credit (Module B).

Students are strongly encouraged to register for both credits. Due to the cumulative nature of the final creative assignment,, students must enroll in Mod A in order to participate in Mod B. 


  • Wednesday 4:00pm-6:00pm
  • 1 credit course
  • More information coming soon.

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Environment Innovation Fellowship

The CALL is creating a special “Design and Growth” semester program to engage students interested in Environment & Sustainability in the continued development of the CALL.

Fellows will:

Fellows receive a $3500 Summer Professional Experiential Award (paid in Summer 2023) that can be used to cover the expenses of an unpaid internship, supplement a paid internship, undertake a research opportunity, or use as start up funds for a non/profit venture.

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The CALL offers a core suite of classes curated to complement the students’ professional experience and life downtown

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